Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society

Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society (FPPAS) is a not for profit organization which sprang from a 2010 event collaboration between organizers of ‘Dancing in the Park’ and ‘Summer Sounds’ to become a Society in 2014.

Our mission is to promote the Performing Arts in the South Kootenay and provide support for musicians and performers of all types and genres through live entertainment events and mentorship.

WHAT WE DO: We provide numerous free public shows in Cranbrook’s beautiful Rotary Park, connect event organizers with performers, promote the performing arts and collaborate or co-sponsor other events to support charitable activities related to live entertainment.

We strive to be inclusive and ensure that local talent, youth and artists of all persuasions receive opportunities to develop their talent, be it singing, instruments, dancing or recording and provide mentorship in proper gear, sound and lighting.


    • to foster the love of music and performing arts at a grassroots level in our communities
    • to share the joy that performers and audiences project
    • to provide networking opportunities for both seasoned and new performers
    • to have fun as part of a team
    • to be part of the growth & success of others
    • to witness our community thrive & connect through performing arts
    • to give back to those who have mentored us in our performing arts endeavours
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