Can your company tap into B.C.’s LNG boom?

With $1 trillion in economic activity and 100,000 jobs expected over 30 years, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the biggest economic opportunity B.C. has ever seen.

And the money is already flowing – more than $2.6 billion has already spent in B.C. on preparation work, even before projects are confirmed.

If your company can supply this sector, you need to act now to poise yourself for success.

Does your company do/provide any of the following?

  • Sand, gravel and rock supply
  • Security services and medic services
  • Transportation, including trucking, maritime and air
  • Surveyors
  • Food supply and catering
  • Janitorial, laundry and building maintenance services
  • Waste disposal
  • Carpenters, electricians, mechanics
  • Construction, including inspection
  • Heavy equipment and vehicle rental
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Right-of-way maintenance

If yes, now’s the time to act.

Once LNG projects are confirmed, expected over the coming months, the industry is expected to explode, leaving no time for SMEs to manoeuvre their way into the supply chain.

To poise yourself for success, act now by:

  • Creating a company profile at the LNG-BuyBC database. Make sure your profile is complete and high-quality. This should take you up to 20 minutes.
  • Starting to monitor the database for opportunities in your sector and your region.

For more details on the database and the LNG opportunity, please contact the Chamber.





Q. What is the opportunity with LNG?

  1. The B.C. government has made developing the LNG industry a major part of the province’s future economic success. There are 16 proposed projects, 9 of which have National Energy Board permits to export, and 31 project partners. The Pacific Northwest Gas project, put forward by Malaysian gas company Petronas, is looking to invest $36 billion alone to export LNG from B.C.


Q. Is there a benefit right now?

  1. LNG project partners are looking to make final investment decisions as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean they’re not investing money into B.C. right now. To date, project partners have spent approximately $2.6 billion. Those are dollars and contracts that B.C. business can get in on.


Q. Why now? What’s the urgency?

  1. Setting aside 20 minutes to enter clear, accurate information about your company into the LNG-BuyBC database can set your business up for success. The LNG-BuyBC database is a free opportunity to gain exposure among the procurement teams of the many different project proponents. If B.C. wants LNG project partners to “Buy Local”, B.C. businesses need to make sure they communicate what they do to the companies procuring goods and services. It is important to try to build those business relationships now because when a project proponent makes a final investment decision, they’ll already have their procurement lined up.  If companies wait until final investment decisions are made by the LNG sector, it’s likely they’ll miss out on the opportunity. The LNG-BuyBC tool gives businesses a way to introduce themselves to the LNG industry.