The Cranbrook Chamber is governed by an elected 12 member Board of Directors



  • Establish policies necessary to carry out the Chamber’s mission and purpose
  • Engage in the Board strategic planning and set priorities from the strategic plan
  • Determine the Chamber’s position as they relate to policy statements
  • Allocate adequate resources for the successful execution of the strategic plan
  • Actively promote the Chamber and encourage new members to join


  • Attend all Board meetings. Review all materials distributed prior to the meeting and be prepared and ready to discuss and act on agenda items.
  • Commit to serving on at least one committee or task force
  • Participate in as many Chamber events as possible throughout the year
  • At every opportunity promote the Chamber to businesses and the community

Current Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce is comprised of 12 members; Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and 9 Directors.

At each Annual General Meeting the Board President, Vice President, and Treasurer will be elected for one-year term. Four directors will be elected for a two-year term. The Immediate Past President is an automatic succession.

PRESIDENT | Keri Sanderman

Keri was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 1998. She began her career working for an independent Oil & Gas company as a Natural Gas Marketer.

She’s travelled and spent summers in the Kootenays throughout her life so relocating to Cranbrook with her husband, in 2007 was a natural move to such familiar and beautiful surroundings.

In her role as Community Futures East Kootenay’s Investment Fund Manager, Keri is passionate about supporting the success of entrepreneurs as they start or grow their businesses. Keri is able to work with stakeholders, business owners and other financial institutions to develop the best solutions to meet each client’s specific needs.

VICE PRESIDENT | Russ Sheppard

Russ Shepard received his law degree from the University of Alberta and was called to the BC Bar in 2014. Prior to his law career, Russ enjoyed a successful teaching and administration career in Nunavut, Alberta and Ontario where he was the Dean of Students at the prestigious Hill Academy.

He received numerous accolades for his work in education including the Excellence in Teaching Award, Contributor of the Year, BDC Youth Entrepreneur of the Year and most recently the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. Russ is active in the community and enjoys coaching and playing various sports.

TREASURER | Marlin Ratch

A member of the George Gordon First Nation near Punnichy Saskatchewan, Marlin is a Red Seal Chef, Career Counsellor, Program Director and Apprenticeship specialist, Marlin was involved in the cultural, political and operations of the Métis Nation BC from 1995 to 2021.

He eventually moved up to the top job as its provincial director as well a dual role as manager of the Métis Skills Employment Center, trade school. Marlin has worked the past 10 years as an Apprenticeship Advisor for Southeast BC with SkilledTradesBC, the crown corporation that manages apprentices in BC.

Working with apprentices, sponsors, employers, technical trainers, and staff as well as community agencies and special interest groups to expand knowledge of the trades and support clients with their personal journeys.

PAST PRESIDENT | Kerstin Renner

Throughout her career, Kerstin has been driven by interacting with people, helping them access the information they need to make the best choices for their own lives while working together on building a healthy and vibrant community.

Kerstin has worked in various roles in the community, including in municipal government, media, retail and social services. Currently, she is the Regional Community Development Manager at Kootenay Employment Services. Her various roles have given Kerstin the opportunity to enhance and broaden her skillset on an ongoing basis and develop a unique network throughout the community, tying in experiences in all sectors, from governmental to business and non-profit.


Tracey Whiting


College of the Rockies

Aleitha Harvey


Ella's Restaurant

Jason Andrew


KNC Economic Development

Kirsten Armleder


Genex Marketing

Mike Frank


ʔaq̓am Community

Travis Bradley



Ashley Tanner


Vantage Point CPA

Jared Teneese


Cranbrook History Centre

Mike Peabody


City of Cranbrook


Opportunity to Initiate New Ideas to Affect, Inform and Influence the Cranbrook Business Community

It is important for the Chamber to be effective, forward thinking and have the ability to provide worthwhile input to municipal, provincial and federal regulators on a variety of issues. This can only be accomplished with strong, diverse, dedicated leadership.

Involvement with the Board of the Chamber is an excellent way to gain experience and demonstrate commitment to the business community and to Cranbrook.

The Board is strongest and most effective when the following core competencies are represented on the Board, with each director contributing their unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills.

  • When nominated, and during their term on the Board, Directors much be either an Individual Member in standing or the Business Member Representative appointed by a Business Member, which in is good standing.
  • Directors must agree to support the vision, mission and values of the Chamber
  • Directors much have demonstrated high ethical standards and integrity in their personal and professional dealings, and must be willing to act on, and remain accountable for, their boardroom decisions
  • Directors should be respected and influential in the community, and/or possess special knowledge, skills, or experience which would assist the work of the Board
  • Directors shall provide wise, thoughtful counsel on a broad range of issues
  • Directors much value the performance of the Board as a whole over individual performance and should demonstrate respect for others in executing their responsibilities
  • A Director must put the overall interest of the Chamber ahead of their own business interests
  • Directors must be self-motivated and demonstrate an ability to work independently when required and in a high functioning group environment

Directors should be financially literate and able to evaluate organizational performance

Directors should be aware of a modest financial commitment. Including expenses for regular attendance at Chamber functions and special events demonstrating a personal commitment and establishing credibility when called upon to ask other to give.

  • Directors must be willing and able to commit approximately 5-7 hours per month to Chamber work in order to fully participate in the governance of the organization. This time is inclusive of events, meetings and preparation time.
  • Directors are expected to attend one Board meeting per month, committee and inter agency meetings as required, and Chamber events. The meetings are monthly, save August.

Timing for Nominations and Annual General Meeting

  1. February 2nd – Deadline for nominations to be submitted to the board for consideration
  2. Feb 21st – Deadline for first notice of AGM to membership
  3. Feb 21st – Deadline for notice of committee recommended nominees to the membership
  4. Feb 28th – Deadline for nominations without recommendation of nominating committee to be submitted to the committee
  5. February 29th – Deadline for 2nd Notice of AGM to membership
  6. March 13th – Annual General Meeting

NOTE: The newly elected board will be sworn in as part of the Annual General Meeting