Cranbrook Black Friday Aligns with North America – November 27

Leaders from the Cranbrook Downtown Business Association and the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce have determined aligning local Black Friday marketing efforts on the same day as the rest of Canada and the USA, November 27, makes the most sense.

“The size, scope, and power of national advertising efforts on both sides of the border is such a strong influence that we felt to not ride that wave would put Cranbrook at a disadvantage,” said Joey Hoechsmann newly elected president of the Cranbrook DBA.

Over the past number of years, the Cranbrook business community staged one week earlier than the rest of North America in an attempt to combat cross boarder shopping and moderate retail sales leakage from the local economy.

Hoechsmann reasoned that given the weakest Canadian dollar when measured against the American greenback in ten years and the demonstrable reduction in border crossing the competition is not America.

“In reality the largest growing segment of competition for local retailers, big and small, is not the USA or Alberta; on line shopping is.  Bricks and mortar retailers are under tremendous pressure from home shopping.  Retailers have been forced to differentiate themselves with knowledgeable staff and superior service,” said Hoechsmann.

Hoechsmann opined, “It is important for businesses to band together to create excitement to kick off Christmas shopping and encourage people to shop at their local retailers; Live here, spend here”

The Black Friday coalition will not be providing hands on organization this year opting instead to be a resource to retailers and advertising outlets alike to assist them in coordinating their efforts for a successful Black Friday 2015.

The Cranbrook Black Friday website, and the facebook page, will provide information and means in the lead up to Black Friday 2015.