Cranbrook, February 5, 2010:  The Cranbrook and District Chamber of Commerce commends the governments of Canada and the United States on reaching a productive and forward-looking agreement on Buy American provisions.

“This represents an important step forward in our continued engagement with our largest trading partner,” said Sean Campbell, President of the Cranbrook and District Chamber of Commerce.

“While more work needs to be done to counter protectionism in the United States, this agreement has placed us in a better position than our main competitors to receive U.S. stimulus funding,” added Campbell.  “It has also resulted in greater co-operation between provinces, territories and the federal government – a long-awaited, but very welcomed accomplishment.  The depth of the federal/provincial offer and the speed at which it was put forth is an important precedent which puts us in a good position for the negotiation of future agreements.”

“We must continue to work with the United States to strengthen our ties and to develop solutions that are beneficial to both parties,” concluded Campbell.