BC Energy Step Code: Presented by Fortis BC

What is the BC Energy Step Code?

The BC Energy Step Code is the product of a multi-year collaboration among local governments, industry stakeholders, utilities, and the provincial government.

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Visit the Community Energy Association website for resources, funding guides, and local success stories! 

Natural Gas Customers:

Your meter measures the volume of gas used. That information allows us to calculate how much energy is used in your home each month. We use a conversion factor to translate volume of gas used into energy consumed that takes into account your locations standard conditions of temperature, as well as the average energy content of the gas.

Learn more about your natural gas meter.

  • Third-party consultants registered by service organizations licensed by Natural Resources Canada
  • Deliver Natural Resource Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and R-2000 programs
  • Can provide both energy modelling and airtightness testing, the two services needed to demonstrate compliance under the BC Energy Step Code for Part 9 residential buildings
  • Only work on Part 9 residential buildings

Energy modellers perform similar work, but may not be affiliated with a service organization and the EnerGuide Rating System; instead, they may use other energy simulation software that meets the BC Energy Step Code’s requirements.

All energy advisors are energy modellers, but not all energy modellers are energy advisors.

For Part 3 buildings, modelling and airtightness testing is done by building envelope consultants and building scientists.

Learn more about Energy Advisors on the Step Code website.

Kootenay local: Ray Smith


Fortis has introduced their new construction program. Providing rebates to builders/developers when constructing high-performance residential and commercial buildings. Sponsorship funding may be available for your builder-related event in return for a speaking, or other promotional, opportunity to inform attendees about the rebate programs.

Apply for funding on the Fortis BC website


College of the Rockies, Cranbrook | Step 5 Build


Bower Builders, Fernie | Step 3 Build


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