2024 Resolutions for Business & Non-Profit


Maybe you’re not a resolution setter – but we hope you’ll take the chance this new year to review the challenges and successes of your 2023, and plan your hopes and dreams for 2024! January is often ideal timing to re-evaluate your business or non-profit, even the smallest changes can make a big difference in efficiency of operation!



  • Tune up Your Strategic Plan – If you don’t have a strategic plan, it’s time to develop one. A recent BDC survey found that over 70% of the most successful companies had a medium-term business plan compared to just 46% of their less successful counterparts. If you already have a plan, you should update it to take into account changes in your financial situation, important developments in your business or changes in your market.

  • Automate Your Processes – The easiest resolutions to keep are the ones you don’t even need to think about. Automating various accounting functions creates a set-it-and-forget-it system, leaving you more time to handle the parts of your operation that you love, and reducing the chances of a missed payment or unsent bill.

  • Be Good to Yourself – It’s easy to forget, but you are your business’s/non-profit’s most valuable asset! You put in the long hours and hard work. Now it’s time to add self-care to your business strategy. P.S. You don’t have to seize every opportunity that comes along! Considering a new business proposal or partnership? Make sure it’s aligned with your goals and the direction you’re headed. Evaluate the new business opportunity and allow yourself to set conditions.

  • Get up To Speed on Online Marketing – Your online presence has become your most important marketing tool. Make a plan and follow through on setpping up your presence. Daunting? Yes. Consider researching outside help to avoid getting overwhelmed with the complexity of the different platforms and approaches.

  • Digitize Your Documents – Digitizing your financial documentation means you’re able to ditch your filing cabinet (and miscellaneous drawer of unmanaged receipts) in favour of storing and organizing everything digitally. By moving to a digital documentation system, you’ll not only save space, but you’ll save time hunting down receipts or invoices should you ever need them again.