Supply Chain Challenges Impact Businesses of All Types

It is no secret that supply chains, both domestic and global, are under serious strain. We are seeing it in just about every sector of the economy, from the price of our food, to the availability of raw construction materials, and beyond.

Canada’s Cultural Problem Around Digital Transformation

Underinvestment in technology, slow adoption, and minimal spending on marketing is a precarious trio. The good news: we can fix this. We have all the tools in the toolbox. It’s about time to use them more boldly and with a greater sense of urgency.

UPDATE: East Kootenay Community Economic Development

CFEK promotes economic development and the creation of jobs and wealth in our region by providing small-business loans for start-up, expansion or the purchase of existing businesses. In addition to financial support, CFEK offers a variety of business-related services, including knowledgeable, professional business consultation and access to training for entrepreneurs and their employees.

$2400 and 30 Hours of Free E-Commerce Advisory

Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a federally funded program that gives *$2400 + 30 hours of one-on-one consultation with a student e-commerce advisor to businesses in Canada. This program will run until 2024.

Ktunaxa Homelands

Allowing locals and travelers to gain an understanding of how the Rockies and Kootenay waterways were formed, while appreciating the significance of the Hoodoos, all from a Ktunaxa perspective.

2022 Upcoming Business Walk

The Annual Business Walk is BACK in-person on September 28th to capture the pulse of businesses throughout Cranbrook.