Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce Seeks Support on BC Government Policies at BC Chamber of Commerce AGM

The Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce has submitted 3 new policies to instigate change through government advocacy and will be asking for support of their policies by the chambers of commerce/boards of trade in British Columbia at the annual convention of the BC Chamber of Commerce this weekend in Burnaby from May 23-25, 2019.
Chamber President Jason Fast and Chamber Vice President and Govt Affairs Committee Chair Christine Hoechsmann are joining the Chamber Executive Director Kristin Parsons for the 3 day conference to present their new policies and vote on behalf of the membership on another 70 policies brought forward by the chamber network. 
Watch for more details on the results of the policy sessions at the end of the weekend.
“While the Cranbrook Chamber works tirelessly to advocate on its own to the various levels of government, it is important that we receive support of our policies by other chambers of commerce and boards of trade in the Province so to gain a stronger voice in Victoria.” Said Jason Fast, Cranbrook Chamber President.
“The BC Chamber of Commerce, as the provincial business organization, will also be advocating on our policy perspectives for us with the provincial government.”
Policies that the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce wrote or revised for the 2019 Convention are:
1. Species at Risk Act
2. Emergency Management – Fire Interface 
3. Remediation Standards for drug effected properties 
PHOTO: Christine Hoechsmann (Vice President), Kristin Parsons (Executive Director), Dave Butler (BC Chamber Board), Jason Fast (President)


Kristin Parsons
Executive Director
Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce
250 426 5914
[email protected]