Support Cranbrook Food Recovery on Giving Tuesday!


Cranbrook Food Recovery has been collecting food from local grocers and bakeries that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. Every day they pick up unsold food and divert it to community groups who serve people in need. Our farmer network also means that even food not fit for human meals does not go to waste.

Since June 2019 they have diverted 195,371 kg of food, that’s the same weight as 49 killer whales! They have provided $925,439 worth of food to community groups (like the Salvation Army and the Food Bank) and prevented 444 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 1.7 million kilometers not driven by an average passenger vehicle.

Cranbrook Food Recovery asking the community to help us raise $4000 on Nov 30th and $10 000 by Christmas; this will allow them to increase our food recovery efforts.

You can donate to Cranbrook Food Recovery via their website here!

You can also support them by sharing their social media posts or putting up a poster in your office to spread awareness!