BC Chamber of Commerce Launches Regional Resource Guides for Small Business Resiliency

“To address the regionally specific needs of businesses, the BC Chamber of Commerce has launched seven tailor-made regional Resource Guides for Small Business Resiliency – one for each of the seven regions in British Columbia”.

“The regional Resource Guides for Small Business Resiliency will help businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic on their road to recovery as set out in BC’s Restart Plan.

The resources outlined in the Guides address core aspects of pandemic recovery including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Government programming
  • Sector-specific initiatives
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • How to reopen, maintain, pivot, or expand your business; and
  • Additional small business tools, including diversity and inclusion considerations.

The Guides are a live resource that will be updated throughout BC’s Restart Plan and will not only support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic but will also be a useful resource during any future crises that requires businesses to build and maintain resiliency through challenging times”.


For more information, and to download the resource guide for your region, click here.