What Does a Business Walk do for Your Business?

You’ve heard that Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce is hosting an online Business Walk, but what does that mean? What does providing this information really do for your business?

This year the Business Walk is in the form of a short online survey (find it here) rather than in-person interviews. The survey takes only about 2 minutes, and aims to learn how your business is currently operating and what is impacting it. This information is gathered and arranged to provide a broad picture of Cranbrook’s business community. This information will be used to determine the supports most needed in the community, and will aid the Chamber of Commerce and other leaders in how best to advocate for Cranbrook moving forward.

All information gathered from the survey will remain confidential and anonymous.


5 Reasons to Participate in a Business Walk

  1. Share the Issues Your Business has Faced, or Opportunities you Have Discovered This Year

2. Allows Leaders to More Accurately Advocate on Your Behalf



3. Bring Awareness to Programs and Services That are Available to you



4. Track Aspects of the Business Environment Over Time

Analyzing trends over time can help to anticipate new trends, and prepare for future challenges.



5. Find the Answers and Support you Need for Your Business

Your business is unique. One size fits all supports don’t always work. Information collected helps to bring you closer to the aids and programs your business requires.


Ready to take the survey? Click here!

This list is adapted from the Government of British Columbia’s business archives. Find more information here.