Mindful & Grow Partnership Survey 2022

BC Chamber of Commerce released a Mindful & Grow Partnership Survey that ran from January 17 to January 23, 2022. With support from BC businesses, they’ve collected 333 responses that will elevate all voices for local business, and help shape the future of our province. 


When businesses were asked about recruitment and hiring:
  • 23% of businesses said that receiving grants to hire interns and co-op students would be the most beneficial support for their organization at this time.
  • 66% of businesses said they are recruiting for full-time and part-time positions in the next six months, with the majority (51%) only looking to fill 1-4 positions in sales/business (25%) and social media/digital marketing (14%).
When businesses were asked about natural resource development in B.C.:
  • 59% believe B.C. is considered a leader in responsible and sustainable natural resource development. Most say it’s due to B.C.’s collaboration with local communities and Indigenous Peoples (37%) and the stringent environmental standards in B.C. (31%).
  • 53% believe Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a good transition energy source to help coal-dependent countries. 26% don’t know enough about it, and 16% say we don’t need this form of energy.
  • 68% believe that natural resource projects play an essential role in economic reconciliation with Indigenous communities, and 69% believe that more stakeholder engagement is needed to help the government ‘Get to Yes’ on major natural resource projects in the next decade.
  • 73% believe that B.C. should be exporting its lower-carbon energy resources (natural gas, hydrogen, electricity, etc.) to displace coal and other higher carbon fuels in global markets.
When businesses were asked about clean energy in B.C.:
  • 36% said that wind and solar energy should be a development focus in B.C., followed by large hydro dams (22%) and green hydrogen (21%).
  • The most significant impacts of renewable energy products in B.C. include providing economic benefits like jobs and tax revenues (84%) and attracting investment capital to B.C. (77%).
  • As demand grows due to electrification (for example, more electric vehicles), most respondents (88%) said we should build more electricity generation in B.C. to meet demand.
  • To build more renewable energy in B.C., most respondents said we should mobilize private sector investment and expertise (75%) or enable large commercial/industrial companies to procure the renewable electricity they need directly from private generators (52%).
BC Chamber would like to thank all participants for their participation in this survey. The feedback and concerns have been shared directly with our partners and will influence the advocacy efforts of the BC Chamber of Commerce and its local network. If you would like the opportunity to be heard locally, provincially, and even federally – Sign up to be a Chamber member today!