Responses to Businesses Experience Increased Crime

What people can do to protect their businesses

Enhanced security systems – even residential cameras may provide exceptional night vision and video footage.

Changes being implemented to help prevent crime, vandalism, and safety concerns

RCMP conducting more patrols throughout Cranbrook 
Revitalizing Citizens on Patrol to track and report unusual activity within the community

Reporting incidents to police 

Report any incidents of concern to the police, even if they seem small or insignificant. Even small pieces of information could be beneficial and contribute to another incident being investigated. Reporting incidents to the police may also positively contribute to Cranbrook’s police force by promoting a need for increase in police staff.

Online Crime Reporting – Frequently Asked Questions: Reporting an Incident

Reporting an Incident:

RCMP – Cranbrook Detachment

Cleaning up and disposing of hazardous materials

Third party contractors who have proper SWP training in place to deal with sharps and biohazards, *could possibly negotiate rates for Chamber members based on items being taken care of*

Harm Reduction Supply Distribution 

• Free harm reduction supplies provided by ANKORS Cranbrook
• Harm reduction services through Street Angels

Supporting people who are homeless

Right to camp in public places overnight (8pm-9am)
Provide resources such as “Community services in Cranbrook”

• Drop-in space Mon-Thurs 10-2: access services, get referrals, have meal and coffee, chat under shelter.
• Harm Reduction Supply Program: bring in any sharps
• Food security program: free breakfasts Friday mornings, distribute food to people in need throughout week

Contact Information

To contact City of Cranbrook, please email Paul Heywood at [email protected].
To contact Cranbrook RCMP, please use one of the links listed above.


Street Angels