Round Table | Restaurants & Post Pandemic Recovery

On Wednesday, April 6th Ian Tostenson & Samantha Scholefield of BC Restaurants and Foodservices Association delivered an informative presentation to Cranbrook Restaurants that reached across many challenges, opportunities, and timely topics of growth for the food industry.

They dove into the following topics:

  • Staffing issues
  • Consumer mindset
  • Local advertising
  • Take out
  • Menu items
  • Online presence
  • Service hours
  • Policy changes
  • Engaging employees
  • Sick leave

This enlightening meeting was recorded for anyone to reference as restaurants move through this time of transition and recovery.

BC Restaurants and Foodservices Association are a passionate organization providing terrific resources to all restaurants!

We implore you to reference the recording below and/or reach out to Samantha or the BCRFA team.