Tourism Growth Program in British Columbia

The Government of Canada’s Tourism Growth Program (TGP) aims to help small and medium-sized businesses, tourism organizations, and local communities to grow and develop tourism products and experiences that position Canada as a destination of choice.

Tourism drives economic development and diversification in many Canadian regions and communities.

What is the Tourism Growth Program?

Delivered by Canada’s regional development agencies, including PacifiCan, the $108 million TGP provides regionally tailored funding over three years to support communities, businesses and not-for-profit organizations in growing and developing local tourism projects and events.

The TGP contributes to the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, which charts a course for long-term growth, investment, and stability in Canada’s tourism sector, from coast to coast to coast. The program also complements provincial/territorial programs and other federal support for the tourism sector.a


Project activities must include at least one of the following priority areas (in no order of preference):

  • Support active tourism – projects that attract domestic and international visitors to participate in outdoor recreational experiences. This also includes improvements to make active tourism inclusive and accessible.
  • Increase tourism benefits for communities – projects that increase visitors to smaller communities and rural areas, thereby extending the benefits of tourism in B.C.  
  • Support Indigenous tourism industry – projects that are either Indigenous-owned or led that improve or increase Indigenous tourism experiences, which is one of the fastest growing international segments in B.C.’s tourism market.
  • Support economic, environmental and cultural sustainability – projects that support economic, environmental and culturally sustainability.
  • Extend the tourism season – projects that support the development and delivery of shoulder season products.
  • Complement support provided through provincial programs – projects that align with efforts across the federal government and complement provincial, regional and local programs and initiatives.


Eligible businesses can apply for interest-free repayable funding of up to $250,000 to support the growth of tourism operations. Preference will be given to projects seeking 50% or less funding from PacifiCan. The stacking limit (from other government sources) cannot generally exceed 50% of eligible capital costs and 75% for other eligible costs.

Eligible not-for-profit organizations can apply for non-repayable funding of up to $250,000 to support the growth of the tourism industry. Preference will be given to projects seeking 65% or less in funding from PacifiCan. The stacking limit may be up to 90% of eligible costs.

All non-PacifiCan sources of funding must be confirmed at time of application and start date of the project.

PacifiCan is looking to support projects that have a viable plan to produce strong economic outcomes in the tourism sector. Applicants must quantify, substantiate and later report on the following expected results that are applicable:

  • Number of communities supported
  • Number of project partners
  • Number of jobs created
  • Number of jobs maintained
  • Revenue growth ($)
  • Number of entities supported
  • Number of visitors


  1. The Tourism Growth Program will be accepting application from November 20, 2023 at 9:00 AM PST until February 20, 2024 at noon (PST).
  2. Thoroughly review the Applicant Guide before submitting. We strongly recommend that you download or bookmark the guide now for reference while completing application form.
  3. Access Application Portal to create application.